Cycling in the New Forest

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Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Cycling Adventures in the New Forest

Imagine pedaling through emerald glades, dappled sunlight dancing on your handlebar, the only sound the crunch of tires on gravel and the symphony of birdsong. This is the magic of cycling in the New Forest, a wonderland of ancient woodlands, heather-clad hills, and charming villages, just waiting to be discovered on two wheels. The New Forest is a beautiful place to cycle, with over 100 miles of car-free cycle trails and a multitude of options for cyclists, whether you prefer to ride mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, electric bikes, gravel bikes, or road bikes

And if you're seeking a luxurious base for your New Forest cycling escape, Heathfield Estate (and its surrounding area) offers two stunning holiday cottages, promising cozy evenings and mornings greeted by the sight of grazing ponies. Let's delve into the heart of this cycling paradise, explore routes for every level, and find the perfect rental to make your dreams a reality.

Cycling Routes Ranked by Search Popularity:

1. Brockenhurst to Lymington Circular (14 miles):

2. The Rufus Stone Loop (10 miles):

3. Cycle the Forest of Dean National Park (25 miles):

4. Holmsley Circular (12 miles):

  • Search Popularity: Low (a hidden gem for off-the-beaten-path explorers)
  • Google Maps Link:
  • Highlights: Tranquil paths amidst heathland, enchanting bogs, and a stop at the charming village of Bisterne with its thatched-roof cottages.

Bonus Route near Heathfield Estate:

To plot all the cycling routes on Google Maps, you can use the Komoot app. Komoot offers a range of cycling routes around the New Forest, including the top 10 best biking routes and trails in the region with tips and photos from other cyclists. You can also use the New Forest Cycle Routes Map provided by Forestry England, which gives you an overview of where the best cycle routes are in the New Forest, including traffic-free gravel bridleways and routes on roads.

Beyond the Routes:

These are just a taste of the cycling possibilities in the New Forest. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious first-timer, there's a route waiting to be conquered. Remember, renting a luxury cottage near Heathfield Estate elevates your New Forest experience. Imagine returning from a refreshing cycle ride to a crackling fire, a steaming tea waiting by the window, and memories to cherish long after the wheels have stopped turning.

Cycle rental shops near Heathfield Estate:


    • Forest Leisure Cycling: Conveniently located in the village center, Forest Leisure Cycling boasts a vast fleet of bikes for all abilities, from hybrids and e-bikes to mountain bikes and children's options. They even offer trailers and tandems, making them ideal for families and groups. They're open daily with online booking available:


Consider Your Needs:

  • Bike type: Choose a bike suitable for your chosen routes and level of experience. Hybrids are great for most paths, while mountain bikes provide more grip for rougher terrain.
  • Delivery/pick-up: Some shops offer bike delivery and pick-up to your accommodation near BH23 8LA, adding convenience.
  • Additional services: Some companies offer guided tours, helmet rentals, and other equipment, so choose one that caters to your preferences.

Bonus Options:

  • Electric bike rentals: Several options around Lymington and Brockenhurst offer e-bike rentals, perfect for conquering those New Forest hills with a little extra boost.
  • Bike shops: Even if you don't rent, consider visiting a local bike shop like Brockenhurst Cycles or Cyclexpress New Forest for repairs, accessories, or expert advice on local routes.

Remember to book your bikes in advance, especially during peak season, to ensure availability. With these options and tips, you're sure to find the perfect bike for your New Forest cycling adventure!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your gear, book your luxury cottage, and let the New Forest weave its magic on two wheels.